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Helping Deliver Profitable Business Growth

Altamira (Yorkshire) Limited delivers highly relevant support to companies employing less than 50 staff. We help them achieve sustainable and above all, profitable growth.

Since opening in 2009 we have worked with almost two hundred businesses in a variety of sectors, many of them in the service and digital industries. As a result our client work focusses mostly on five areas;

  • Developing business foresight
  • Action planning
  • Managing cultural change
  • Understanding assertive management
  • Setting and delivering stretching, achievable targets

Altamira has clients in South Yorkshire, York and North Yorkshire. In addition we deliver advice and support in partnership with CDI Alliance Ltd and their team of associates for Halton District Council, Liverpool.  With CDI Alliance and East Midlands based EMB Group Ltd we deliver business support to digital businesses and digital technology users in Greater Lincolnshire.

With Lawson Thinking and EasiStreet we present the powerful, highly relevant and interactive Growth Lab© programme. This is an engaging peer group experience with a tangible end product.

Our extensive private sector experience has consequently led us to start development work with Lawson Thinking and EasiStreet on a new programme. This will be highly relevant to the public sector where dynamic, rolling change has become the norm. Branded as Morph-Lab© it is currently an evolving project.

Hence, if you want your business to grow and you’re ready to change, we can probably help.

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Growth Lab©

As a result of the combined experience of Altamira, Lawson Thinking and EasiStreet we have developed a dynamic, emergent and engaging peer group experience with a delivered product at its end. It is presented as two seminars around quality conversations which address the needs of the participants. Using open space and world café techniques, plus tools such as system mapping. Growth Lab© is a highly interactive process.